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Water retention
When too much water is stored in the body it causes swelling known medically as oedema – or water retention. It can affect any part of the body, including the lungs and the abdominal cavity. Localised swelling, of the ankles or fingers, for example, is usually temporary and often right itself.

Swollen tissues in the area affected: lower legs, abdomen, face, arms and fingers.
Pressing the skin leaves an indentation for a few moments.
Shortness of breath, particularly when lying down.

Generalised water retention can be caused by conditions that affect protein levels in the blood. These include kidney disease, liver disease and malnutrition. It can also be caused by anything that increases the leakiness of blood capillaries such as an injury or burns. Hormonal imbalances, as in premenstrual syndrome, may also cause water retention.
When a person suffers from heart failure, water retention occurs because the heart is unable to pump blood round fast enough to clear fluid from the tissues. Common, everyday causes of water retention include a sedentary lifestyle and bad posture – for example, prolonged standing or sitting with your legs crossed. Swollen ankles are common in hot weather, or when flying, especially if movement is restricted.

Other measures
Reduce salt intake as sodium encourages water retention.
Eat foods that stimulate the elimination of water such as horseradish, celery, nettle, beetroot and sorrel.
Put your feet up during the day, with heels higher than your hips.
Raise the foot of the bed a few centimetres – on a phone book, for example.
Walk as much as possible to help the muscles to pump fluid back up to the heart more effectively.
For congested lungs, sleep propped up on pillows. This will ease breathing and help the kidneys to excrete more fluid.

Acupuncture help to reduce fluid retention or oedema by encouraging blood flow and the movement of fluid through the body.
Helps to reduce joint inflammation and swelling of limbs.
Acupuncture stimulates the production of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol can reduce inflammation and oedema.

Increase blood circulation and reduce Water retention.
Improve hormonal imbalances.

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