Are you looking for document management software

Thinking of converting your office into an automated work environment? ‘Paperlez’ is your primary and paramount tool towards office automation. How does ‘Paperlez’ assist you in switching to a smart office? ‘Paperlez’ has different modules like:

a. Document Module : To convert the paper files in to system based files that can be accessed by all the authorized personnel

b. Task Module : Set your time for specific time, phases involved in the tasks and time taken to complete the tasks through Task Module

c. Note Module : Create notes, tag the notes and share it with your colleagues to enable quick sharing of information

d. Meeting Module : Tired of scheduling meetings ? Well, Meeting Module helps you with setting up the meeting place, attendees, MOM ad attendance details of every meeting held in your organization.

Paperlez simplifies the 360 degree work processes in your organization thereby reducing your cost, space, time, manpower effort etc. In addition, it makes you environmentally committed by bottlenecking the use of paper in your organization. Empower your organization with the power of ‘Paperlez’!

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